Thirsty Llama
Mark IV

We provide artists a full house in every performance, putting your music in the limelight it deserves but seldom gets.

What We Do

Strategic Planning

Our team of industry experts work with Independent artists to develop national and global release strategies ensuring your music gets heard by people who are your target audience.

Artist & Tour Management

We have a close relationship with the right people at the right places and talk to them regularly to pitch our artistes.


You’ve already got the music goods. We make sure that your art gets the eyes and the ears it deserves.

Artist PR

Our PR team works with artists to help tell their story to the right people.

Legal solutions

Our legal team is a one stop shop for securing your interests as an artist.

Digital campaigns

We develop campaigns to make noise about your music and our events.

A packed house means an electric atmosphere where the event itself becomes an experience in which every member of the audience is as integral as the artists.

The high attendance numbers ensure that in each performance the artist is able to reach out to newer audiences, hence exponentially increasing their fan base every gig.